Friday 29th June 2012

Adelphi Building, UCLan, Preston, Lancs

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Brian Wernham - “AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR GOVERNMENT – Leadership skills for implementation of large-scale public sector projects in months, not years”

Brief Bio: Brian has worked on projects from Bangalore to Toronto, from Hong Kong to New York, for the UK government, IBM, Lehman Brothers and the great squid Goldman Sachs! His 30 years of experience from programmer to programme manager have included both the most iterative and the most ‘waterfally’ projects – from a massive global dealer database for Ford prototyped using DSDM through to the Energy Performance Certificate register implementation rising like a phoenix from the catastrophic Home Information Pack Programme!

Mike Burrows - Kanban the hard way. Why do they do that? (Mike’s also presenting at BCS Manchester, click here)

Brief Bio: Mike has led development teams and larger IT functions for much of his career, working in the aerospace, software tools, finance and energy sectors. Now VP of Educational Programs at David J Anderson & Associates, previous positions include Executive Director at UBS Investment Bank and IT Director for the energy risk management consultancy Encore International. Mike is well known to the Kanban community through the sharing of his experiences leading one of the first Kanban implementations in Central Europe.

Dave Draper - Setting a Project Up for Success

Brief Bio: I’ve been developing software for the past 10 years and have a passion for delivering high quality high value software. In 2001 I was first involved in a project that could be described as a little bit agile. Following this I have worked in a variety of sectors and roles including team leadership, training and consultancy. In my present role I work with a variety of clients assisting them in achieving their goals through pragmatic application of agile principles and practices.

Graham Oakes – Agile Governance

Brief Bio: Graham Oakes helps people untangle complex technology, relationships, processes and governance. As an independent consultant, he helps organisations such as Oxfam, Sony Computer Entertainment, The Open University, and the Council of Europe to define strategy, initiate projects and hence run those projects effectively. Prior to going independent, he held positions including Director of Technology at Sapient and Head of Project Management at Psygnosis (a subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment).  His book “Project Reviews, Assurance and Governance” is published by Gower.

Seb Rose – Common objections to Test Driven Development and their refutations

Brief Bio: Seb Rose is a consultant and trainer based in the Scottish Borders near Edinburgh.  He first worked as a programmer in 1980 writing applications for estate agents and solicitors in compiled BASIC on an Apple II. On graduating from Edinburgh University in 1987 he worked on the REKURSIV project before becoming a freelance contractor. Today, his primary software interests are agile practices and how to convince development teams to buy into adoption rather than exemption.

Davide Calvo – The integration of UX and Agile

Brief Bio: Davide Calvo is a past-his-prime UX person who, like the vast majority of people in his industry, fakes his way through life. Only, he’s honest enough to admit it and always tries his very best, safe in the knowledge that perfection is not of this world. The acceptance of his own limits did not prevent him from getting a Master in Interactive Multimedia, and working on a impressive array of complex projects since 2001.