AgileNorth 2010

Conference Programme

The Agile North 2010 conference was a resounding success.

Our speakers this year had a story to tell. We included real experiences from those who have lived through an agile event whatever the level of experience.

Delegates made use of the FREE iPhone app for Agile North 2010


It was held on Friday 14th May 2010 at Adelphi Conference Room, UCLan, Preston, Lancashire. See Preston Campus Map.

Download programme for conference (Word format).

Download speaker bios and session overviews (Word format).

Free Event Programme

A full day event took place on Friday 10th December 2010.  Outline of the Activities that took place during the Day

Delegates were split into a number of ‘product’ development teams. The objectives were to:

  • Experience a number of Agile practices and techniques
  • Reflect on the Agile practices and techniques and consider how to implement them
  • Explore both the risks and benefits of implementing an Agile approach
  • Establish which team built the best product!

Session 1:

  • Introduction to simulation theme
  • Team working
  • Integration exercise

Session 2:

  • Class Responsibility Collaborators (CRC) design exercise
  • Brief introduction to Kanban / planning poker
  • Decision point

Session 3:

  • Pair programming & test driven development “coding dojo”

Session 4:

  • Problem based planning session

Session 5:

  • Feedback from all teams
  • A ‘roadmap’ for implementation?