AgileNorth 2016 – Thursday 30th June 2016 – Tickets are only £120pp.


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Charles Weir
Charles has many years of experience leading teams implementing mobile apps, and more recently secure mobile apps. He is currently researching how programmers learn about security, with the Security Lancaster group at Lancaster University. His research has turned up surprising results on the lack of incentive for programmers to implement secure systems, and a variety of positive approaches for secure app projects. Some of these will be incorporated into the workshop – join him to find out what they are.
The Agile Security Game
Many of us learn best from games, preferably games that are fun. This workshop extends a game devised by people in Security Lancaster to cover app programming and project management. In it, you will be given a secure app product and offered a variety of choices which security functionality to implement. Based on your choices, your product will thrive or possibly wither. Are you up to making those decisions? Join us on the day and find out.


Opportunities are available to sponsor or exhibit at this event.  Commercial organisations can sponsor the after-event networking drinks or co-brand ‘give-aways’.  Public or 3rd sector organisations may wish to promote their work in the Agile field.  Contact the organisers for more details.

AgileNorth 2016 – Thursday 30th June 2016

Tickets are only £120pp.


This year’s conference took place in the Media Innovation Centre within the Media Factory at UCLan. Use the ‘How to find us’ link for travel information and Preston Campus Map.

AgileNorth Secretary – Katie Taylor – kjtaylor@uclan.ac.uk